About us

Smart solutions for complex applications

We understand sophisticated challenges. And simplify the matter for you. With smart enterprise solutions for large scaled business processes – clever and easily operated. We put our heart and soul into your visions, dive deeply into your mission and want to deliver individual and scalable IT-solutions for your day-to-day business.

We are active with Java-based programming for decades and have a good technological overview and detailed know-how. This is the impulse in order to provide industry-proven products as nexif, nexelerator, nexea.nea and nexea.pdf in a development cycle now going on since multiple years. Agile methods of development and an efficient project management promote our projects fast. Knowing what to do, beginning with the requirement analysis, programming, adaptation up to deployment, maintenance and support we will be your ambitious software-developer on your side.


  • 2006 Foundation of Holtmann Consulting
  • 2008 SAP application utilizing a warehouse management
  • 2009 Basis for the nexelerator: Application for the calculation of a pension insurance scheme
  • 2011 Foundation of nexea GmbH
  • 2011 Basis for nexea.nea: App finding election offices, Statistisches Landesamt Bremen
  • 2013 Development of nexif. Accreditation as trainer for Oracle Java Enterprise Architecture
  • 2015 Development of nexea.pdf
  • 2016 Development of nexelerator
  • 2017 Limited partner of the Consiness Beratungsgesellschaft mbH