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Factor of success is communication: Accessing information now and everywhere is state of the art, today. Mobile enterprise apps increase the dialog between an organization and its customers. This will elevate the mobility in a business and provides optimized and efficient processes in the area of production, marketing, sales and human resources.

We develop mobile enterprise applications using nexea.nea cross-platform and for nearly all actual mobile phones. In contrary to mobile applications for consumers any mobile enterprise application for business needs to be tightly connected to the infrastructure of the organization as databases, web services and SAP systems. Security has to be always the first priority. nexea.nea provides the fast implementation of apps for arbitrary information systems. It connects to geo information systems, messaging and any kind of database.

Security has priority

Enterprise apps are used by a closed number of users. Therefore we establish performant and safe structures on server- as well as client-side, which permits the transmission and visualization of confidential information.

Modular structures

In order to optimize the development of enterprise apps, the nexea.nea framework provides standard modules, which can be customized to the requirements of the project.

This reduces the development time once more, because of using the same model of distributed objects in server- as well as client-side, the same objects and interfaces can be used.

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This will be considered during the maintenance of our apps:

  • The Software Deployment Manager (SDM) distributes the actual version of the app to the clients automatically.
  • The Sync connector controls the synchronization of custom data using a minimal bandwidth.
  • The Pageflow Meta Definition (PMD) defines the applications logic and will be transferred to the clients on any change.
Geo information systems

Connection to geo information systems

In collaboration with the Statistischen Landesamt Bremen and Revolento has nexea developed an app to provide map-based information. A set of statistical data is displayed in relation to structures as villages, districts and streets.

The user may scan documents and save them inside the statistical geo-context on the server system.

This app has accelerated essential routine processes and reduces faulty insertions.


MeepMee Sportfinder

Our framework nexea.nea is been used by the start-up The substantial geo information structures has been provides by the framework in short time.

The established Cloud technologies allows to de- or increase the server-capacity depending on the number of users easily.

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