Efficient generation of PDF documents

The time-consuming collocation of documents is quite outdated. The document generator nexea.pdf realizes a multitude of forms, contracts and customer information for different office and business applications – on the basis of predefined criteria.

nexea.pdf is a highly configurable toolset to generate comprehensive PDF documents dynamically. The combination of text modules with dynamical content, graphics and form inputs is handled hassle-free even in complex applications using a domain-specific language (DSL). Any already existing information can be combined easily with input fields. nexea.pdf is built to fit seamless into the nexif framework and provides all advantages of nexif out of the box.

All advantages:

  • powerful toolset
  • rule based generation with DSL
  • comprehensive combination of dynamically created content
  • seamless integration into the nexea Integration Framework nexif

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Usage in the purchasing department

Complex industrial equipment needs a comprehensive documentation. Depending on the configuration of the facility a diverging composition of documents has to be collected. For every configuration of the facility multiple documents has to be assembled in the right order. Localized variants of a document exist for every destination country. Numerous variants require highly configurable dynamic content. A table of content, a table of illustrations and a subject index are essential in order to complete a professional document.

The nexea.pdf document generator supports to merge different kinds of documents. It merges dynamic and static content for every variation of a product and provides indexes automatically.

nexea.pdf creates high-value documents in the shortest time possible, representing the increased quality of the facility.

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