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Multi-functional, structured and safe: Our integration framework nexif provides a comprehensive and powerful set of tools for the digital processing in distributed systems. It is made for varying groups of users, systems and distributed servers and solves applications in the scope of logistics, insurance treaty data and customer relationship management.

nexif is our central software component and provides numerous plugins and generic interfaces for database-agnostic processing. It features a stage for testing and simulating even large decentralized database systems with minimal effort. This evolves the quality of any project in the middle- and the long-term. nexif is well-proven in projects requiring high performance and transactional safety.

You advantages:

  • Safety by modular design and well-proven components
  • Early time-to-market by rapid development process
  • Stability by a structured architecture and approved plugins
  • Cost saving by the usage of standard components
  • Database-agnostic processing
  • Compatible with all nexea-products
  • Complex test-scenarios and easy maintenance

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Generic database interface

The generic database interface provides interchangeability of any type of datasource at any time. Miscellaneous datasources can be combined and processed simultaneous. All types of datasources are represented through one sole interface, which facilitates an entirely transparent and datasource-agnostic processing of streams of data:

  • SAP server
  • Databases with Oracle DB, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • File formats as CSV,INI,YML,…
  • Webservice (SOAP, REST)
  • Java Message Service JMS

Available plugins

  • mapping: Transformation, rearrangement and sorting of lists and trees
  • filter: Filtering of attributes
  • scripting: Embedded scripting with Javascript
  • notify: Shipping of messages via mail and social connectors
  • cast: Generic conversion of data types and objects, visualization of attributes
  • i18n: Multi-language and localization
  • webservice: Embedding of web services
  • calc: Handling of attributes and objects
  • nexelerator: Calculations using the Excel to Java converter
  • logging: Maintenance and diagnostic
  • test: Simulation and test of plugins and datasources
  • custom: Template for custom implementations

Fast generation of test stages

nexif provides to simulate complex distributed database systems easily. Remote databases can be redirected to local databases just by configuration. However, even large networks of databases can be re-constructed transparently just by using own data in an Excel spreadsheet.

This allows even considerable deeper „Black-Box“-testing of distributed systems by seizing less effort. The reliability of the overall system increases significantly over time.

Linking apps and browsers

Visualization can be performed directly in any actual browser. Optionally, our framework nexea.nea provides connections to apps and more complex web-interfaces. nexea.nea distribute complex workflows on multiple platforms.

Comprehensive list of modules

Modules are the beating heart of the nexea Integration Frameworks nexif. All modules are using standardized interfaces for any in- and output of data. Modules can be linked together arbitrarily. The large number of standard modules reduces the time of development and increases the reliability.

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