Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Public pages

nexea GmbH takes the protection of privacy data serious. We treat personal data always confidential and observe the strict privacy policy regulations of Germany.

The usage of the public pages of this site is possible without leaving personal data.

Unfortunately there are security vulnerabilities in the protocols of the internet, whereby the consistent protection of privacy data against any third party cannot be guaranteed by all means.

Product demos and entrusted files

The non-public area of this website provides product demos for testing purposes. In order to access this area we presume the user to leave his personal data in a contact form (opt-in). The usage of this area is by choice and without cost. In the non-public area the user can upload own files on our servers. On a regular basis, these files will be deleted from our server short after leaving the session off our server. All rights on the uploaded files will remain by the uploader. We reserve the right to secure and examine single files in the case of an improper or illegal usage of this service. Apart from that we will never forward any provided files to any third party but will delete definitely these files in the shortest possible period of time. Merely the server log files will remain by using this service (see below).

Contact form

In case of transmitting contact information by using the contact form, your information will be saved on our servers in order to process your request. We will not share this information with any third party, but only in order to process any foreseeable business initiation by our sales structures.

Using the form providing the VBN Fahrplaner (public transportation planner) you will be forwarded to the website of the Verkehrsverbundes Bremen-Niedersachsens VBN, transferring the data you provided in the form. At this point the privacy policy of the VBN takes place, without any storage on our servers.

Using the urban planner in the contact area the usage data of this service will be transferred to

Server log files

We trace and store the usual information automatically in the so-called server log files. This includes some transmitted information of your browser as:

  • Type and version of browser
  • operating system
  • referrer URL
  • hostname
  • time and date
  • IP (only short-term)
  • requested action on our server

This information cannot be assigned to specific persons. We will not merge this information with other datasources. We reserve the right to review this information in the case of specific indications of unlawful usage. Step by step and at the latest after about 3 months, this information is anonymised on our servers. In the non-public area of this site we reserve the right to save additional security-related information, in order to provide a secure operation of this service. All information will be anonymised after about 3 month, unless they are necessary for the detection of a misuse of this service.


At this time we do not use any tracking service like Google Analytics.