Our applications are used by satisfied customers on a regular daily base.


Performant and highly configurable preparation, validation and pre-processing of contract data stored in a Data Warehouse driving several web services, apps and user interfaces.


A multi-lingual service portal has been realized as a collection of web service connected with SAP datasources and distributed databases. It supports the distribution of service messages, ordering of expendable items and the request of warranty information related to the corporate structure. Particular attention has been paid on the configuration possibilities of different localisations. nexea was incorporated in the design of the application and supports any changes made in the related corporate processes over time.


Integration of the nexelerator into the generation process of comprehensive technical design templates and proposals for large steam autoclaves. Particular important is the safety related aspect of implementing a large number of complex technical specifications.

Freie Hansestadt Bremen

App visualizing and transmitting geographical information.

With a mobile device any documents can be scanned in, compressed and allocated to a geo localization. After error checking the documents were transferred securely to the server and published together with some statistical data created.


In co-operation with IT-P we created an application merging the information collected in multiple corporate-wide forms keeping records of counselling interviews. Depending on this information a record is been auto-generated as PDF file out of a multitude of rules and text fragments. The adjustment of the layout up and any preset values can be controlled by a macro language.