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We design, develop and maintain your application on all Java application servers, Android and iOS. And agile methods of development and an efficient project management promote our projects fast.

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Your Java project

Use our experience for the success of your projects.

  • professional analysis
  • quick solutions
  • latest technologies
  • engineering approach
  • exceptional results


In the first planning stages we compile the requirements:

  • Analysis of requirements
  • structuring
  • target specification

Project planning

In the second planning stages the general conditions are determined.

  • resources
  • course of project
  • phases of project and milestones
  • responsibilities
  • failure modes and effects analysis FMEA


In the third planning stages we focus on feasibility and technique.

  • technical specification
  • description of modules
  • allocation of tasks
  • coordination and dimensioning
  • detailed planning


In the stages of implementation we generate your Java Enterprise application.

Here the Scrum-paradigm plays a leading part.


Reviews improve the quality of code and are helpful to avoid mistakes.

The members share detailed knowledge about the project.


The early implementation of software-testing is an important building block for the long-term success of any project.

The nexea integration framework nexif acts as central element for testing purposes.


In the stages of maintenance the previous stages are repeated continuously.

In order to provide long-term security, so that necessary knowledge and resources are available, we offer adaptable maintenance agreements.

Agile software development

We understand agile software development not as buzzword, but as shortest possible way to success. Because of actual systems become more complex and not all requirements can be determined in early planning steps of larger projects.

For this reason the adaptivity of a system plays an important part even in the planning stage of any project.

We take this into account by applying the nexea architecture patterns and using the nexea integration framework nexif.

Nexea architecture patterns

Architecture patterns are recognized as templates for good software architecture.

We have expanded this term and have developed our own architecture patterns, in order to develop faster and accomplish more improved applications.


Scrum and Agile software development are tightly associated with each other. With the process model Scrum we accomplish faster decisions and shorter cycles of development. Matched by Modular Software Design some compact functional units are generated, providing a good testability and a stable application even under complex conditions.


We picture the whole knowledge about the project using Confluence. All documents about architecture, implementation up to maintenance are collected at a central repository and are accessible to all members fast and easy.

The communication platform Confluence is made by


Jira is our central set of tools for our project management and provides an efficient proceeding after Scrum or Kanban. Any task, document and responsibility can be distributed easily between all members.

The ticket system Jira is made by


The nexea integration framework nexif is our central architecture for Java Enterprise applications. The framework is well-proven and tested by numerous projects and provides complex processing of datasets by standard modules.

The framework facilitates a stage of testing, providing simulation and testing for even large distributed database systems with minimal effort. This increases the over-all quality of a project on the long- and short-term.

Read more about nexif


Java Enterprise is our preferred platform developing server applications. We support numerous Java application servers, but put our focus lies on Red Hat JBoss, Apache TomEE and Apache Tomcat.

Android is our preferred mobile operation system for development, because it is the operation system most accepted on the market.


Spring is our preferred implementation of Java Dependency Injection (DI) and one of our tools used on a daily basis.

DI provides separate source code in independent units and is best practice implementing code separation. A clean code separation is needed for a good testability.


Hibernate is one implementation of the Java Persistence API and one of our tools used on a daily basis.

JPA provides to implement modular and pluggable data interfaces. nexif, Spring/DI and Hibernate together offer a transparent replacement of datasources as Excel, SQL or SAP.

Nexea guarantees quality

Quality is the principal point we build all these efforts around.

Because of awesome applications can only be archived by serious engineering and exceptional understanding of all relevant circumstances.

Forward-looking and proven systems

We design, develop and maintain you enterprise application on any Java application server, Android and iOS. Proven by many years of experience in software development, we focus on solutions emphasizing best-practice: our nexea architecture patterns. This is something to build your success on.


  • Java, JEE, Hibernate, Spring, Tomcat, TomEE, JBoss, ...
  • Jira, Confluence
  • C++, PHP, Javascript, XML, ...
  • SVN, Git
  • VMWare ESXi, Docker, Cloud Foundry

nexea architecture patterns

The combination of standardized modules to an arbitrarily connected processing model produces a robust structure of software. The separation of modules is maximized, providing pluggable elements that can be replaced at any time and with minimal effort. This ensures a fast adaptation on new requirements using agile processes, increased testability and improved maintenance.

nexea integration framework nexif

nexif includes generic interfaces and modules providing a uniform and consistent processing of data, ensuring lots of advantages: short cycles of development, well-arranged structures, increased testability and stability from the very beginning.

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According to your demands, we provide a complete development environment, including Continuous Integration, Confluence and Jira. A fast deployment is archived by own, pre-configured Docker containers.

Professional documentation and ticket system

We manage our projects using Jira and keep records using in Confluence. We provide direct access to our planning boards on demand. Thus you can participate in every step in the development process – for easy communication, efficient planning and minimization of mistakes.
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