Efficient workflow with nexea

You are looking for an appropriate software solution for complex business tasks?
You are up to change seats and want to use smart technologies in your IT environment?
Our intelligent applications provide new possibilities.

Our applications optimize your business processes and make your organization more productive, flexible and therefore more competitive.

Your project and your systems are challenging?
We provide multi-language support, distributed systems and high-performance solutions. Just ask nexea. Our experienced IT professionals are specialized on Java. We provide advice for Java Enterprise Edition and hybrid projects connecting to SAP systems, web-services and mobile phones.

nexea uses a technically mature modular software system, providing a structured, safe and easily maintainable software product. Our agile project management uses leading software products as Confluence and Jira in combination with Scrum in order to achieve a transparent development process producing great IT solutions.


Multi-functional, structured and safe: Our integration framework nexif provides a comprehensive and powerful set of tools for the digital processing in distributed systems. It solves applications in the scope of logistics, insurance treaty data and customer relationship management.


We develop mobile enterprise applications using nexea.nea cross-platform and for nearly all actual mobile phones. Mobile enterprise application for business needs to be tightly connected to the infrastructure of the organization as databases, web services and SAP systems.


Comprehensive Excel spreadsheets can be transferred easily to a Java application, now. The nexelerator shares complex calculations to any group of users simultaneously, saves time and reduces errors and redundancy.


The time-consuming collocation of documents is quite outdated. The document generator nexea.pdf realizes a multitude of forms, contracts and customer information for different office and business applications – on the basis of predefined criteria.